I work mostly on the phone and in some cases clients come to my office. Our working relationship can only properly begin with an assessment, namely a psychic reading via my cards. I cannot answer any question until that is completed regardless of the nature of your situation or query.

The reading helps me to discover your potential problematic situations and issues, and provide advice about addressing those problems. These card readings work with a regular playing deck, omitting the cards less than between 2 and 6. I do not work with the more familiar Tarot system, however the history of the regular play deck reading system is deep.

The readings are $157.35 for the session, which usually runs at least 45 minutes. These sessions can be paid for online via Paypal or with cash in person. All these services are by appointment only; please call me directly to schedule our time together.

I see clients in my own city, but I do readings for clients almost all over the world, through word of mouth. A few years ago, I decided that I could reach more people through the internet, so I created and expanded this website. I am hoping my experience here will help me to learn more from other people.

I then proceed to prescribe rituals, interpret dreams, and support meditative and attitude shifts. I follow up, guiding and supporting the doing, reviewing and tracking the situation, and sealing any of the rituals. I am open to calls 24-7 to provide feedback and guidance by phone.

An important part of this work includes Veves and sacred geometry (mathematical physics), as well as music therapy.

I also offer specialized services to Vodou adepts, priests, and shamans, again with the knowledge I carry and with which I was entrusted, as a guardian—including teaching techniques of self-development. Vodou initiation is based on established tradition that dates back to antiquity as was common in Egypt. The godparent – godchild relationship in Vodou, as in mentoring relations in other spiritual traditions, is deep and wide-ranging: encompassing teaching, healing, and support in self-cultivation, development of skills, and emergence of personal clarity. My godchildren are crucial to my work.

Finally, I take my role as an active community organizer seriously. I seeks to unite Haitians, at home and in the diaspora, toward utilization of human resources for the betterment of Haitian society; this includes consulting work for intellectuals and media inquiries. I do this work in political neutrality.

If you feel called or moved, or if you need help, I welcome anyone to work with me—from any background, in every sense of the word. All the same, I can only work with you if you have clarity and right alignment in your motives.

Furthermore, I work with always on a sliding scale to make them accessible for those in need without current financial resources.

When you are ready to proceed with any work, please contact me or call me directly to make an appointment at which time I will hear the case at hand.

call now at : (774) 274-9391 pay for services

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