Vodou Priests, Shamans, Theologians, and Miscellany Correspondence

These services are either intellectual or mystical requiring face to face presence. I provide those services by appointment only. Please call me directly to make an appointment at which time I will hear the case at hand. This also applies to matters related to the antiquity characteristics of Vodou that I am entrusted with, as a guardian.

The basic services I provide now are:

Specializing In Love Problems
Flying Butterflies
Secret Geometry
Uniting Loved Ones

Legal Troubles/Court Cases

Stop Any Divorce or Rejection

  • Readings: $157.35
  • Spiritual advice
  • Understanding dreams (dream interpretation)
  • Understanding your body language on a spiritual level.

I can read what people call psychic readings and help other people to find their spiritual minds in order to understand themselves. No matter what, it’s your faith. I believe that we have only one God, but we speak different languages and different methodology to give thanks to him for the gifts he gave us as human beings.

The condition of my works starts with an assessment; what we call a reading.


Readings: $157.35
  • I can read what people call psychic readings.
Spiritual Advices
  • Teaching techniques of self-development through secret geometry.
Dream Interpretation
  • Understanding dreams.
  • Interpreting dreams.
  • Understanding your body language on a spiritual level.

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