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… to Lakou Papiyon!

In Vodou, our mission is an ethical one and a largely universalist one: to restore flow, balance, and harmony: to the individual and to the world, aligning with all that is good; to support each person in connecting with loved ones, in remembering their purposes, and in cultivating their powers.

Houngans and Manbos are (and have been) applied philosophers, doctors of medicine and other knowledge: healers, guides, teachers, mathematicians and scientists, psychic diviners, musical therapists, mediums, intermediaries, ritual experts (prescribing, supporting, and sealing), event leaders and more, at their shrines and houses (hounfo, lakou). We provide services to address all matters—familial, communal, romantic, legal, medical, and spiritual: this all starts with a psychic card reading.

My name is Néité Décimus. I bring decades of experiences as a Houngan, as a student of anthropology (B.S.), as a mental health counselor (M.Ed.), and as a community servant and leader. From this hybrid background and with a customized holistic approach, I work with all people, in collaborations with colleagues, and across cultures—in Massachusetts, Haiti, and elsewhere, some covered in media and from university speaking engagements.


I welcome you to contact me and join us in this work.

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