In the Media and at Academia

I will be presenting on a panel at this year’s colloquium on Vodou studies assembled by KOSANBA.
I have been a guest speaker at MIT, University of Connecticut, Boston College, and Bridgewater State University (my alma mater), among other places.

The following gathers together many of my media appearances, at least the ones accessible via the internet:

in English:


in Creole:

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  • Débats Publics with Pierre Richard Guillaume:




  • Brief Appearance on Canal 11 with Family:



Live Radio Station

Talk Show With Neite and Hillaire

Two voodoo priests (two “lakou”) sit together to demystify the concept of “Ougan” to the Haitians while teaching them about their ancestral origin, the cult that brought them to an independent nation as the first, complete, and the most successful black revolution in History. Nonetheless, to remind the community to respect their environment–the ecosystem and value their culture.

Li Lè Pou N Reveye

2017-11-1414 Novanm 2017

– Kisa Ki Ayiti Apre 1625?(Neite & Hillaire)

Li Lè Pou N Reveye

2017-10-1717 Oktob 2017

– Kisa Ki Katolik? (Premye Pati)(Neite & Hillaire)

– Kisa Ki Katolik? (Dezyèm Pati)(Neite & Hillaire)

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