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Lakou Papiyon


What is a Lakou?

In the Haitian Vodou tradition a “Lakou” is a sacred place that is akin to a monastery. Affiliation with a Lakou is a requirement for a Houngan (Vodou priest) to be ordained. Upon initiation the priest/priestess is known as the son or daughter of the Lakou that confers the initiation rites. I play the leading role in Lakou Papyion and as such I am responsible for initiation of Vodou priests. Vodou initiation is based on established tradition that dates back to antiquity as was common in Egypt. This role was entrusted to me before I turned 13 years of age. I am also an active community organizer who seeks to unite Haitians toward utilization of human resources for the betterment of Haitian society; I do this work in political neutrality.

I offer shamanistic services to the general public as well as specialized services to Vodou priests and shamans. I also provide consultation to theologians and respond to miscellaneous inquiries related to the antiquity and esoteric characteristics of the Vodou tradition.

Responsabilite tout moun se aprann.
Aprann bay konesans.
Konesans bay pwoteksyon.
Iyorans bay esklavaj.”

The shamanic services

The shamanic services that I provide are based on the core understanding of worldwide shamans as follows:

  1. The world is alive with a spiritual consciousness that can communicate. Hence, we are all connected through this consciousness.
  2. Everything in the world consists of energy that can be transformed.
  3. The entire universe is sacred and has purpose and meaning.
  4. Nature provides us with the most direct and immediate experience of spirit. Through nature we can access the love, wisdom, compassion and power of the spirit world in order to receive help for ourselves or to help orders.

My services begin with a reading. I cannot answer any question until such reading is completed regardless of the nature of the problem which can be matrimonial (love, divorce, etc), or spiritual alignment, legal as well as other specialties such as dream interpretation, spiritual counseling, and meditation.

I greet you under the light of the Infinite Creator.

Neite Decimus, M.Ed.

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