About Lakou Papiyon

Lakou Papiyon


What is a Lakou?

In the Haitian Vodou tradition a “Lakou” is a sacred place that is akin to a monastery. Affiliation with a Lakou is a requirement for a Houngan (Vodou priest) to be ordained. Upon initiation the priest/priestess is known as the son or daughter of the Lakou that confers the initiation rites. I play the leading role in Lakou Papyion and as such I am responsible for initiation of Houngans and Manbos.

Responsabilite tout moun se aprann.
Aprann bay konesans.
Konesans bay pwoteksyon.
Iyorans bay esklavaj.”

Everyone has their own responsibilities to learn

Learning gives you knowledge

Knowledge gives you protection.

Ignorance enslaves you.

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