Colleagues and Collaborations

I am invited to and participate in many events, in addition to my media appearances and other speaking engagements in academia.

I joined Mamos of the Four Nations of Colombia for an event at Omega, having worked together previously including at ANIWA 2019.

I was one of the Elders at ANIWA 2019.

I work with Piero BoisAubin, the founder of Jazz Pyebwa; with his skill as a percussionist and a philosopher, his career background in computer technology, and his studies in education, he works toward the revitalization, orchestration, recording, and performance of Haitian Creole music in Vodou settings.

I worked closely with Max Beauvoir and his organizations from 2009 until his death and passing in 2015, and continue to carry forward his legacy on various projects.

My collaborating colleagues have included Mambo Carol DeMesme, Mambo Maude Evans, and Mambo Dr. Lunine Pierre Jerome (PhD linguistics).

I have worked with various godchildren spanning over the course of more than a decade, including Mary Gaetjens, of the Teyuna Foundation, author of , with whom I organized and led an event in California in 2017.

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